Special Offer Program

Walk to Run Your 1st Half Marathon

How to Become a Runner!

Join our 19 weeks training program from November to March resulting in
running the Washington, DC Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon (13.1 miles).

This program is for beginners. Folks that are looking for a new challenge! Learn how to build your walking program into a running program.

Running is probably the world's best form of exercise. It builds fitness, increases health, promotes a healthy body weight, and can be done just about anywhere by anyone.

During the next 19 weeks you will learn:

  • Which shoes are better for you

  • How to protect yourself from injuries

  • What exercises are better for this type of training

  • The best stretches

  • Training food and nutrition

  • Weekly training schedule

  • Monthly group training sessions

  • We will start with a walking program, then jogging, and finally running

This program is only $65 (less than $2.83 per week). It does not cover the cost of the DC Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon. It is your responsibility to entry the run.

To join the training Click Here.